Marco Bardusco-Brazier
Telephone: 07432265336
Marco is widely known for his unconventional, memorable and documentary styled work depicting the world from his unique perspective. Marco’s films and images break from established modes and, with his intimate approach, taps into the consciousness of the 20s. 
Born and raised in the seaside town of Blackpool, Marco a Bristol graduate photographer now lives and works in the city of London. Being a true ‘Sandgrown’un’ he has been brought up amongst the culture of kitsch, the weird and the wonderful array of unique Blackpool characters and environment. This upbringing has influenced his outlook on life and he aims to capture the diversity of people whom he loves to film and photograph.
His work is new, entertaining and accessible. His powerful portrayal of how individuals and communities exist, how they act, are perceived by others and what they hold dear is made evident. Marco’s keen observations of cultural diversities within society alerts our senses to the coterie of disparate communities.  
Marco’s goal is to ignite and excite the public’s curiosity and understanding of the communities portrayed through still and moving images. 
Marco marches to the beat of his own drum and produces work from his own perspective without conforming to the standards, rules or orthodoxy of others. Marco’s photographs and films result from what he has learned and felt about these communities and individuals and therefore is dedicated to tell a story, their story. ​​​​​​​

MASS ENERGY. Bibliotheca, London. 21st-22nd May 2021.
AND 2020. Then There Was Us, Manchester - November 2020.
Tate Collective Open Call 2.0. Brixton, London - 10th-24th August 2020.
Uniqlo Tate Lates: January 2020. Tate Modern, London - 31st January 2020.
CLAY, Free Range Shows. The Old Truman Brewery, London - 21st-26th June 2018.
Obsessions, UWE, Bristol - 2017.
Film Features:
Convergence: Courage in a Crisis. Netflix. 12th October 2021. Credit: Archive Footage.
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