Justice for Black Lives and the MCRBLM protest. June 6th & 7th Manchester, UK.
The community, the power and love that was represented on both days was an incredible thing to be apart of. Listening and learning from awe inspiring people has created a driving force to empower all people of every race and colour to bring about long awaited change. All human beings deserve to be treated with respect. Stepping up and stepping out in solidarity with those who have faced racism, and lost their lives due to the colour of their skin. Manchester did black people proud and took to the streets to protest for the Black Lives Matter movement and for George Floyd who was recently killed as a result of police brutality over in America.
During the Justice for Black Lives protest in Manchester, UK Liberty Sale, Jacob Davenport and Marco took to the streets and spoke to determined, motivated and impressive people. The whole experience was uplifting and educational.
Black Trans Lives Matter. June 27th London, UK.
The march raised awareness of black trans lives who have been lost and celebrated the black trans community.
To support, follow and keep up to date on the Black Lives Matter movement please head over to: blacklivesmatter.com
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